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Fresh Start Summer Course

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6 weeks



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Fresh Start Summer Course


Tammy Sorrells

Fresh Start Summer Course

About the course...

Welcome to our Fresh Start Course!  

This 6-week course is designed for ladies ages 12-17 who are interested in building confidence, new friendships, and learning fundamentals of the modeling world!

This comprehensive course will introduce students to various social skills, table and social media etiquette, self care and developing independence.  We balance this with a healthy dose of fun on the runway, learning photography poses and poise, as well as a professional photoshoot to gain experience on-set!  

Classes meet for 90 mins, once-a-week.


Course instruction includes:

  • Etiquette & Social Graces

  • Fitness & Nutrition

  • Hair Care & Styling

  • Skincare & Eyebrow Shaping

  • Makeup Techniques & Application Skills (age appropriate)

  • Nail Care/Manicure

  • Inner Beauty & Believing in Yourself

  • Visual Poise

  • Wardrobing & Accessorizing

  • Modeling Training in the areas of runway, photography & television

  • Photo Shoot - 3 looks: headshot, half body & full body

  • Voice & Diction

  • Appropriate use of social media

  • Dealing with Bullies

Class Tuition is $495

{If a student is 11 years old, enrollment is permitted with parent or guardian permission}

Payment options available at checkout.

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